Monday, June 26, 2017

Democracy Camp Preparatory Workshop Day 1

Hi, everybody!
It is the first working day of the preparatory workshop for LAKMA-US Embassy Democracy Camp (DC) in Lithuania 2017. It is great  to meet the organizers and the colleagues from different schools in Lithuania and Poland. We are ready to share our experience and ideas for the activities of the camp to make it meaningful and enjoyable for our campers:-)


I'm Neringa from Lentvaris Motiejus Šimelionis Gymnasium, Lithuania. I'm very excited to meet this wonderful team of creative teachers and can't wait to practice all the activities we are planning with our students in July at the camp.

I'm Marcin from Gimnazjum nr 3 w Świdniku in Poland. It's really great to be able to cooperate with such a creative group of teachers. I bet the students will love what we've planned for them.

Hi, my name is Dalia. I'm a teacher from Kupiskis, in Lithuania.Yesterday was the first day of preparatory workshop, it was wow ahhh ohhh....Met great people. Waiting for today.

My name's Saulius and I'm an English teacher from Kaunas district. We're currently at the 3-day training seminar in Vilnius and it's been great so far since the team of teachers is really enthusiastic. We're all looking forward to the camp experience in July!

My name is Beata, I'm from Poland, I have never met so many interesting and creative people during one meeting. Thanks guys:)

Hi! I'm Irina from Vilnius. I am greatly impressed by the idea of the camp and eager to share and learn.

I am Rasa and I am a teacher at Turgeliai "Aistuvos" Gymnasium. I feel happy to meet such creative and interesting people here.

Ahoy! My name is Tomas, I am a volunteer from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. A big part of my life is occupied with my studies of English, but an equally big part is dedicated to the history and culture of Lithuania! I hope to share my knowledge of both with everyone at the camp and meet lots of new friends!

Hi! I'm Alla. I'm a teacher of English in Vilnius Santara Gymnasium. I'm happy to be part of such a great team. I believe through a cross-cultural dialog students will become aware of democratic values, discover new ideas and articulate their own ones.

Hello, my name is Simas. I am a volunteer from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. English has become a part of my life throughout various activities. The most part of my time I dedicate myself to studies and music, so I hope that together we will find the right tune to cooperate and achieve the most of this camp together!

Tutors Ann and Laryssa from Charles Wright Academy in TacomaWashington State, USA, are joining us at the camp, and we are all looking forward to meeting them as well as their students in July. 

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