Thursday, June 29, 2017

Democracy Camp Preparatory Workshop Day 3

The third day of the workshop started with presentations of the treasure hunt in Vilnius. Marcin, Beata, Dalia and Rasa‘s team who visited the most beautiful places of our Old Town and created a movie of the treasures found was the winner of the competition. Photo Treasure Hunt

We continued planning the activities for the camp that ranged from matching British and American English vocabulary to running in the race to be the first to sort out trash. If you saw us at some moments of the workshop, you would believe we are real students of the 21 century: all of us were enthusiastically engaged in playing interactive games on our phones to be the first to answer quiz questions.

We are happy to finish the workshop having planned in detail all the activities for the camp. There are descriptions to be made, material to be prepared but we all left the meeting knowing our responsibilities and eager to meet each other, our colleagues from the USA as well as all the students who will participate at the camp in a few weeks. We do hope to have a lot of fun together!



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